The Use of Collaborative Law in Medical Error Situations

Dialogue Among Stakeholders In Health Care

Bringing Healing Processes to Law and Medicine After Adverse Events.pdf

Statement Before the Medical Board of California

Collaborative Law/Disclosure Is Effective on Several Fronts

Appreciative Inquiry: It's Not Easy, But It Is Simple

Civil Collaborative Law Symposium

Healing Practices in Law and Medicine

A New Legal Approach to Health Care

Advocacy in Health Care

Collaborative Practices Work


Letter to Editor.California Bar Journal.Apology

Bringing Collaborative Law to Healthcare.pp.ppt


Collaborative Continuum.pdf

Clark and Rickard Conflict Resolution Healthcare 2012-25-18.pdf

Posterboard Presentation: Collaborative Processes

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Consulting
  • Professional Development in Collaborative Law, Informed Patient Choice, Use of Collaborative, Non-Adversarial Language, and Disclosure
  • Counseling and Advocacy
  • Convening and Facilitating Dialogue
  • Coaching
  • Presentations