We are pleased to announce that Kathy led a training (April 17, 2012) and a dialogue (April 18, 2012) at the Cork Resolution Center, Cork, Ireland on the use of collaborative practices in medical negligence situations.  In attendance were attorneys, healthcare professionals, insurers, hospital administrators, law and medical school professors, risk managers, and patients/families (including Margaret Murphy, patient advocate who, tragically, lost her son to medical error).  The training and dialogue were very successful in creating learning about alternatives to litigation in medical negligence cases, building community among these professionals, and increasing awareness of the patient, family, physician, and community experience.

One of the attorneys present stated ""I understand that this (collaborative law stakeholder dialogue) may be the beginning of a cultural shift for all involved."  Another attorney said, "Kathleen has been quite the force for good!"

A link to an Irish Examiner article about Kathleen's work and training in Ireland is immediately below.








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