We appreciate your interest in our work and hope that we can provide assistance and ideas in support of transparent communication after adverse medical events. We encouarge transparent communication through collaborative team practice and mutually beneficial disclosure. 

First, a brief explanation of Servant LawyershipTM.  The term is drawn from the concept of Servant Leadership, developed by Robert Greenleaf in 1970.   It refers to persons who serve, through integrity and spirit, by building trust, lifting people and helping them grow.   True leadership, in Greenleaf's view, arises in those individuals who are primarily motivated by the desire to help others.   Albert Schweitzer noted: "There is no higher religion than human service.  To work for the common good is the greatest creed."

Drawing on that spirit and our desire to make a contribution, we bring highly respectful services to our clients in both legal and medical aspects of healthcare, both in the United States and internationally, through our legal, consulting, negotiating, advocating, coaching and training skills.   We bring a collaborative, committed team approach to our client engagements.  We work with our clients to enhance their strengths and enable them to put their true values into effect.  For example, we can help clients develop skills in interest-based negotiations and collaborative advocacy.

We bring integrity and commitment to learning to our work.   We work closely with our clients, providing effective training, consulting, and coaching support to meet each client's unique circumstances.

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Consulting
  • Professional Development in Collaborative Law, Informed Patient Choice, Use of Collaborative, Non-Adversarial Language, and Disclosure
  • Counseling and Advocacy
  • Convening and Facilitating Dialogue
  • Coaching
  • Presentations